• Issued by CitiBike
  • Closing Date 03/21/13
  • Posted on 04/01/13
Filmmakers wanted to create a series of short films to convey simply how to use some basic features of New York’s soon-to-come bike share system, Citi Bike. The features to be explained via film include:
  1. How to purchase a short-term pass from the kiosk.
  2. How to check out a bike with a short-term pass.
  3. How to check out a bike with an annual membership.
  4. How to un-dock a bike.
  5. How to adjust the seat height.
  6. How to re-dock a bike.
Some of these topics may be combined into a single film. We are anticipating each film will be between 15-45 seconds and use a combination of live action and motion graphics. They should be created in a way to be easily understood by all viewers, including those with limited English proficiency. The films will need to comply with some basic branding guidelines. The videos will be posted on the Citi Bike website, shared via our social media and distributed via our partners at DOT, Citi and bike groups around New York to help educate New Yorkers and visitors about how to get up and running quickly with bike share. The films need to be complete by May 3rd. Sign-off will be required by some of our partners so drafts will be due by the last week in April. Total funding available for this project is $6,000. Possibility of a second video contract upon successful completion of this one. Our selection will be based on a combination of experience, vision, ability to complete the job within the time allotted and price. To apply please submit the following:
  1. A brief statement of why you are interested in this project
  2. A brief statement outlining a basic concept/approach that you would take to create these films;
  3. Your availability / ability to complete the project by the end of April.
  4. A budget including a total for completing all of the films you feel are necessary to illustrate the six points above.
  5. A summary of any related/relevant previous experience including who the projects were for (client names preferred, but industry sector is acceptable) and links to work online.
Questions about this project should be emailed to media@nycbicycleshare.com before 7 pm on March 18th. Submissions are due to: media@nycbicycleshare.com before 7 pm on March 21st.