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  • January 28, 2013

Title: Public Bikesharing in North America: Early Operator and User Understanding

Prepared by: Mineta Transportation Institute

Date: June 2012

Summary: This study evaluates public bike-sharing in North America, reviewing the advances in technology and major events during its rapid expansion.  The researchers conducted 14 interviews with industry experts, public officials, and governmental agencies in the United States and Canada during summer 2011/spring 2012 and interviewed all 19 IT-based bikesharing organizations in the United States and Canada in spring 2012.  Several bikesharing insurance experts were also consulted in spring 2012. Notable developments during this period include the emergence of a close partnership between vendor and operator and technological advances, such as mobile bike-docking stations that can be moved to different locations and real-time bike/station tracking to facilitate system rebalancing and provide user information.

Link: http://transweb.sjsu.edu/PDFs/research/1029-public-bikesharing-understanding-early-operators-users.pdf

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