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  • February 25, 2013

Title: Impact Evaluation of a Public Bicycle Share Program on Cycling: A Case Example of BIXI in Montreal, Quebec

Prepared by: Daniel Fuller, Lise Gauvin, Yan Kestens, and Mark Daniel

Prepared for: American Journal of Public Health

Date: January 17, 2013

Summary: BIXI is a public bicycle share program implemented in Montreal, Canada in 2009. BIXI increases accessibility to cycling by making available 5050 bicycles at 405 bicycle docking stations. This study examines associations between residential exposure to the BIXI public bicycle share program and likelihood of cycling (BIXI and non-BIXI) in Montreal over the first two years of implementation.  The researchers concluded that the implementation of a public bicycle share program can lead to greater likelihood of cycling among persons living in areas where bicycles are made available.

Link: http://www.walkabilly.net/Publications_files/AJPH_revision2_Final.pdf

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