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Title: Capital Bikeshare 2011 Member Survey Report

Date: June 14, 2012

Prepared by: LDA Consulting

Prepared for: Capital Bikeshare

Abstract:  This report presents the results of the 2012 Capital Bikeshare Customer Use and Satisfaction Survey conducted for the Capital Bikeshare program (Capital Bikeshare).  Capital Bikeshare, a program jointly.  Capital Bikeshare’s management were interested in users’ experience with the program and exploring bikeshare’s impact on users’ travel patterns.  The survey was conducted for four primary purposes:

  • Examine demographic characteristics of Capital Bikeshare users
  • Examine use characteristics of Capital Bikeshare trips
  • Examine travel changes made in response to Capital Bikeshare availability
  • Examine users’ satisfaction with Capital Bikeshare features

The survey was administered online to registered Capital Bikeshare members.  Capital Bikeshare staff sent an email to its approximately 18,000 members that informed them of the online survey and provided the link to the survey website.  During the approximately one-month period that the survey website was active, 5,464 members completed the survey, for a total response rate of 31%.


Executive Summary

Final Report


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