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  • February 25, 2013

Title: Business Plan for Hamiliton Bike Share Transit System

Prepared by: City of Hamilton and Green Venture

Date: January 2013

Summary: City of Hamilton staff, community partners and interested stakeholders have been evaluating the implementation of a bike share transit program to feed the A-Line and B-Line transit corridors, encourage the use of sustainable modes of transportation, decrease residents’ dependence on single‐occupancy vehicles, increase physical activity in daily commuting amongst households and foster a culture of cycling in the City. The city conducted a feasibility study and coordinated an information session and bike share expo in August 2010 to identify and assess a variety of bike share program models, and to determine best suited models for Hamilton.  It was determined that the best suited model for a bike share program in Hamilton is a “4th Generation Model”. This model includes a number of bikes housed at strategically placed stations, which are fully integrated with other transportation modes such as rapid transit, car share and conventional transit. Planning has begun for a 35 station 300 bicycle system for the City of Hamilton which will focus on providing a new and convenient method of accessing higher order transit modes along the B-Line and A-Line corridors, including GO Transit nodes.

Link: http://www.smartcommutehamilton.ca/media/uploads/BikeShare%20Integrated%20Business%20Plan%20(final)%202013-Jan-18.pdf

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