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  • January 08, 2013

Title: Bike Sharing in the United States: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation

Prepared by: Toole Design Group and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

Prepared for: U.S. Dept. of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Date: September 2012

Summary:  The purpose of the guide is to assist communities contemplating bike share with answers to common questions, guidance on conducting feasibility studies, and information on how to successfully launch and manage a program.  The objectives of this guide are to:

  • Define bike sharing and provide an overview of the concept.
  • Describe the steps a jurisdiction should take to plan, implement, and sustain a bike share program.
  • Document existing models of provision, infrastructure considerations, and funding options for successfully implementing a bike sharing program.
  • Describe metrics for monitoring and evaluating program success.
  • Provide a baseline documentation of existing bike share programs in the United States in 2012.

Link: http://www.bicyclinginfo.org/promote/bikeshareintheus.pdf

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