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  • February 26, 2013

Title: Bike Easy: Bicycle Share Feasibility Study New Orleans

Prepared by: Jamie Wine, Executive Director of Bike Easy

Date: May 2012

Summary: Bicycle share is a network of bicycles and automated kiosks that allows users to make short trips (1 to 3 miles) quickly, conveniently and affordably. Bicycle share is in over 100 European and 23 American cities. A small scale bicycle share system (e.g. 200 bicycles) would have a profound impact on improving New Orleans’ transportation network.  This report provides the recommendations that New Orleans should pursue in order to bring bicycle share to the city.  The report finds that New Orleans is well-suited for a bicycle share program and recommends that the city launch its first phase of the bicycle share system within 12 months.

Link: http://bikeeasy.org/files/BIke-Easy-Bicycle-Share-Feasibility-Study_6-20-12.pdf

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