April is finally here and the cold-weather states are gearing up for some warmth and the welcoming back of bike share. Not long ago, we were discussing the decisions of bike-share programs choosing whether to close or stay open during winter.

To Close or Not To Close-02

It certainly has been a harsh winter for many, although the snow, ice and wind proved to be a non-issue for some. But even those that braved the slush and snow are surely looking forward to ditching the layers and enjoying a ride in the sunshine.

Salt Lake City Bike Share

Salt Lake City Bike Share

Here’s what we can expect:

Although stations remained open in Cambridge during the winter season and averaged 2,000 trips per week, Boston’s Hubway will be celebrating with a system-wide reopening party on April 2nd with the arrival of 10 new stations and bicycle prescriptions for low-income residents soon to follow. Salt Lake City’s Green Bikes will be ready to roll on April 8th. And Nice Ride Minnesota has plans to be back in service the 2nd week of April. We only hope all the bikes will be thawed out in time.

Nice ride

Persuasion Arts & Sciences froze Nice Ride bikes in locations around town and let them melt for spring.