Most states don’t require adult bicyclists to wear a helmet and there’s always been much debate about it since many feel that a mandatory helmet law would discourage people from riding a bike. But for those that prefer to helmet their head, we thought it would be useful to do a roundup of bike-share friendly helmets.


Helmet Hub


Some cities, such as Boston, are trying out helmet vending machines. For about $2 you can rent a helmet for 24 hours.

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This can be a great option for occasional riders and visitors, but the cost could add up for those that make bike share a regular part of their day.

Enter the folding helmet.


Morpher Folding Helmet

The award-winning Morpher helmet comes to us from London and folds in half quickly and easily so that it can fit into a bag or briefcase.  It was successfully funded last fall through Indigogo and is currently in the pre-production stage and will be retailing for about $110.

Closca Collapsible Helmet


Funded through Kickstarter, Closca, has developed a collapsible helmet that’s lightweight and reduces down to 50% of its height, which makes it easy to store when not in use. What’s fun about these helmets is they look more like hats and Closca even offers a variety of covers so you can change your look to match your outfit. Helmets run about $85 and an extra cover will set you back about $30.

Closca  Helmet Covers

Closca Helmet Covers

With so many folding helmets entering the market, we’re pretty sure another bike-share helmet roundup in on the horizon.


  • Bike Pretty

    I have one of the Closca helmets. They are great!