Welcome to The Re-Dock — a weekly compendium of bike sharing news happening in places throughout the world. The Re-Dock stations you squarely at the center of the industry news that you want to know. This issue of the Re-Dock covers bike sharing news from December 23 through December 29.

Boise, ID

Boise’s RFP for bike share equipment came to a close on Friday as the city prepares to welcome a bike share program in 2014.

Hoboken, NJ

Following its pilot program with Social Bicycles, Hoboken has announced its RFP for a permanent bike share system.

New York, NY

Dorothy Rabonowitz’s notorious WSJ rant has made one of the more obscure “Top” lists of 2013 as one of the “Top 8 Absurd Attacks on Clean Tech.”

Providence, RI

Bike share operator Alta Bicycle Share is moving forward with plans for 20 stations and 200 bicycles in Providence, RI. It will be the first program that Alta will be operating without PBSC/Bixi. Instead, Social Bicycles will be the system’s equipment supplier.

San Francisco, CA

Bay Area Bike Share is set to expand in the spring of 2014 with 500 more bikes.

Savannah, GA

Savannah will be launching its bike share program in January featuring B-cycle equipment.

Washington, D.C.

Do you get dock blocked in your bike share city? Well, the team at Ridescout–an app the integrates travel times of available transportation modes–has added a feature to its app that alerts users when their CaBi destination dock fills up.