We’re generally not that big on over-simplified “Guide to…” posts; however, this infographic by Laura Culhane from Greatist is a nice, light refresher for experienced cyclists and a good introduction for those who may be getting on a bike for the first time in awhile.


  • http://BikePretty.com/ Bike Pretty

    Where are the city bikes?

  • http://aaroncouch.me/ Aaron Couch

    This is a great infographic, but I have a couple nit picks. For one, the fixed-gear and hybrid bikes look exactly like the road bike — to differentiate from them, they shouldn’t have been given curved handle bars.

    Secondly, the fixed-gear bike has a derailleur… if it’s a fixie, it doesn’t need one.

    On that note, “Fixie” should have probably been included in the cycling lingo.

    Like I said, great infographic, but I think with all the time and effort put into it, there were a few things left out that should have been included, like @bikepretty:disqus already mentioned — city bikes/cruisers.