Welcome to the Re-Dock — a weekly compendium of bike sharing news happening in places throughout the world. The Re-Dock stations you squarely at the center of the industry news that you want to know. This issue of the Re-Dock covers bike sharing news from October 14 through October 20.

Athens, Greece

In the land of Hercules, many locals are starting to gravitate towards bike share. From the ashes of the financial crisis rose Cyclopolis, a Greek bike share company that now provides systems for nine cities.

Birmingham, AL

The Regional Planning Commission of Birmingham has contracted Toole Design Group to study the feasibility of a bike sharing program serving the downtown area and the University of Alabama, which will likely be funded by a public-private partnership.

Columbus, OH

CoGo, Columbus’ bike share program that launched this past July, is seeing relatively good early results.

Glasgow, IRELAND

German-based NextBike will make it first move into the UK bike share market pending Glasgow City Council approval.

Helsinki, Finland

Looks like Helsinki will not be launching its bike share program of 52 stations and 500 bikes next summer. The city and the advertising firm JCDeceaux have failed to reach an agreement over the availability of advertising sites for the firm.

Iowa City, IA

Iowa City’s proposed new bike sharing program moves forward, which will allow the city’s residents and the faculty and students of University of Iowa to rent the bikes. The community is considering B-cycle to run the program, which currently operates a bike share program in Des Moines.

Long Beach, CA

Despite Los Angeles’ and other SoCal cities steps to go regional, Long Beach continues to move forward with Bike Nation as its equipment supplier and operator.

Los Angeles, CA

The City of Angels is taking a new approach to its bike share program. Instead of moving forward with Bike Nation, Mayor Eric Garcetti and a regional board released a motion to launch a regional bike share program. A RFP for an operator and vendor is expected to be release in early 2014.

Madison, WI

B-cycle’s Fall 2013 Survey was just released. If you’re from the area, or just want to offer your 2 cents, check it out.

A reporter from the Wisconsin State Journal chronicled her experiences using Madison B-cycle–and apart from one initial hiccup, it was quite positive and called it “a great deal.”

New York, NY

Citi Bike’s System Data presentation makes it very easy to see the system’s growth since its launch. Here are some of those graphs.

And 91% of Citi Bike users (of 2,300 surveyed) agree that they like the program and would like to see it expanded. 64% of users say that the biggest issue is full and empty stations.

San Francisco, CA

Mayor Ed Lee totes his new Bay Area Bike Share program and talks about the 2014 expansion which should see approximately 30 more stations and 300 more bikes, bringing the total 100 and 1000 respectively.

Instead of filling in the existed service area as initially planned, SFMTA planners and others have decided that expanding the system’s geographic scope will be better for the system.

The Netherlands

A new “smart-bike” design, which primarily uses cell phone technology, wins the Dutch Design Awards.


Cutting capital costs is a goal of every bike share equipment supplier. Here’s the latest in affordable equipment that may be a perfect fit for small-scale, community-based bike share programs.

Smoove, which has 16 programs operating around the world, is set the bring its equipment into the North American bike share market via a partnership with bike share operator CycleHop.