For the last year, my team at and I have been immersed in the bikesharing industry. We’ve read every study; talked to many operators and industry leaders; and covered every program expansion, launch, and operational hiccup in North America, and many others around the world. While our ongoing office dialogue about bikesharing issues and successes has been engaging and productive, and led to many great editorial pieces (if I do say so myself), we know that there are limits to office and internet interactions. It isn’t until people are in the same room that real relationships can be forged, and these relationships facilitate collaboration and the sharing of ideas like nothing else. And for the first time ever, the Shared-Use Mobility Summit is giving the bikesharing industry the opportunity to connect in-person as a community.

On Thursday and Friday of this week, bikesharing’s industry leaders will be brought into the same room(s) to collaborate, learn, and engage in a lively dialogue about the present and future of shared-use mobility. And not only will Shared-Use Mobility Summit attendees have the opportunity to speak within the bikesharing industry, carsharing and ridesharing leaders will be there as well, providing an exceptional opportunity for multi-modal collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

Between spontaneous interactions, meetings, and relationship-forging, there’s a lot of great programming as well. Here’s the Shared-Use Mobility Summit’s entire program with the bikesharing items highlighted in blue:

DAY 1, October 10

8:30 -9:00
Summit Attendee Sign-in and Continental Breakfast (Coffee, Pastries, Juice)
Grand Ballroom Foyer
(Online Preregistration Required)
9:00 – 9:15
Opening Remarks
Grand Ballroom
Welcome to the Shared-Use Mobility Summit
Speakers: Gillian Gillett, Director of Transportation Policy, Office of Mayor Edwin M. Lee, City of San Francisco
Laura Melendy, Assistant Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Berkeley
9:15 – 10:00
Setting the Stage: Big Trends, Definitions, and Policies
Grand Ballroom
This session sets the stage for the summit with an overview of key trends, definitions and developments, and background on the current and emerging policy arena in shared-use mobility.
Speakers: Sharon Feigon, CEO, Alternative Transportation for Chicagoland, Inc.
Timothy Papandreou, Deputy Director, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)
Susan Shaheen, Adjunct Professor and Co-Director, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, UC Berkeley
10:00 – 11:15
Shared-Use Mobility Success Stories
Grand Ballroom
In this session, speakers from key cities in the U.S. and across the globe discuss insights from their experiences in fostering and implementing shared-use mobility services.
Moderator: Susan Zielinski, Managing Director, SMART, University of Michigan
Speakers: Iván De la Lanza, Director of Bicycle Mobility Strategy, Mexico City
Dan Emerine, Transportation Planner, D.C. Office of Planning
Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)
Gilles Vesco, Vice Mayor, City of Lyon
11:15 – 11:30
Break – Foyer
11:30 – 12:45
The Sharing Economy: Scaling the Shared-Use Mobility Marketplace
Grand Ballroom
This session will address one of the key questions facing the shared-use mobility sector today—scale. Speakers from the public, private, and non-profit sectors will share their perspectives on market potential, obstacles, and opportunities.
Moderator: Lisa Gansky, Entrepreneur and Author, The Mesh
Speakers: Alain Ayotte, Bikesharing Specialist
Natalie Foster, Co-Founder, Peers
Rick Hutchinson, CEO, City CarShare
Gabe Klein, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation
12:45 – 1:30
Lunch Talk
Grand Ballroom
Introductory Remarks: Tony Simopoulos, Founder and President, Metavera Solutions Inc.
Speaker: Lisa Gansky, Entrepreneur and Author, The Mesh
Lisa Gansky, Bay Area native and thought leader of the sharing economy, will share her views on the road ahead for shared-use mobility.
1:30 – 3:30pm
Concurrent Bikesharing Mobile Workshop (Hosted and Organized by
Meet at pedestrian bridge
Kansas Waugh, Bay Area Bike Share Project Director, and Heath Maddox, Senior Planner at SFMTA, will lead this this mobile workshop that examines the Bay Area’s newest public transportation system, Bay Area Bike Share, and San Francisco’s growing bike infrastructure.
1:30 – 3:00
Governance 2.0 (“Micro” Level): Shared-Use Policy Approaches for City and County Governance
Grand Ballroom
This session begins the summit’s first panel discussion on the role of policy in shared-use mobility, highlighting city and county governance approaches. The panel is comprised of experts and thought leaders from industry, government, public transportation, and academia.
Moderator: Ray Traynor, Program Manager, Executive Team, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
Speakers: Kevin Desmond, General Manager, King County Metro Transit
Guy Fraker, Co-Founder, get2know
Arun Sundararajan, Professor of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences, NYU Stern School of Business
Marzia Zafar, Director of the Policy and Planning Division, California Public Utilities Commission
3:00 – 3:30
Afternoon Break / Networking Opportunity / Foyer Table Tops Exhibit
3:30 – 5:00
The Impacts of Shared-Use Mobility Services
Grand Ballroom
Impacts and understanding from an array of shared-use mobility services is the focus of this session. Insights on social and behavioral response to bikesharing, carsharing, and ridesharing services from leading researchers in the field will be shared, ranging from citywide to global-level analyses. Speakers include academics, practitioners, and government representatives.
Moderator: Nancy Chinlund, Office Chief, Division of Research and Innovation, Caltrans
Speakers: Jennifer Dill, Professor, Portland State University
Elliot Martin, Assistant Research Engineer, TSRC, Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley
Nick Ramfos, Director, Commuter Connections
Bodo Schwieger, Founder, Team Red, Germany
Susan Shaheen, Adjunct Professor and Co-Director, TSRC, Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley
Concluding Remarks
5:00 – 7:00
Dinner Break
On Your Own
7:00 – 8:30
Spotlight Evening: The Future of Mobility and Transportation Policy and Planning
Grand Ballroom
This Spotlight Evening panel is brought to us by generous support from the Rockeller Foundation and Transportation for America (T4America). The panel discussion–moderated by T4America–focuses on macro-governance issues and on the future of mobility and transportation policy and planning. Speakers include representatives from a major U.S. city, Congress, and the federal government. Please join us for coffee, tea, light refreshments and an engaging discussion after dinner.
Moderator: David Goldberg, Communications Director, Transportation for America
Speakers: Tyler Frisbee, Legislative Assistant, Office of Congressman Blumenauer
Gabe Klein, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation
Therese McMillan, Deputy Administrator, Federal Transit Administration

Day 2, October 11

8:00 – 9:00
Grand Ballroom Foyer
Continental Breakfast (Coffee, Pastries, Juice)
8:30 – 8:35
Welcome Back
8:35 – 10:05
Fostering Multi-Modal Integration and Public Transit Connections
Grand Ballroom
This session highlights the role of public transit connections and multi-modal integration in fostering shared-use mobility. Leaders from industry, public transit, and the non-profit sector will discuss opportunities and challenges in making this reality.
Moderator: Sharon Feigon, CEO, Alternative Transportation for Chicagoland, Inc.
Speakers: Andrew Bata, Chief, Strategic Improvements and Best Practices, New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority
Art Guzzetti, Vice President – Policy, American Public Transportation Association
Mark Norman, President, Zipcar
Larry Yermack, Strategic Advisor, Cubic Corporation
10:05 – 10:15
Reconvene In Breakouts
10:15 – 11:45 Parallel Sessions
Shared-Use Mobility Panels: Industry Updates
This segment includes three panel sessions focused on shared-use mobility sector updates and policy issues.
Carsharing and Personal Vehicle Sharing
Meeting Room: Grand Ballroom
This session features industry updates from key leaders in the major categories of carsharing and personal vehicle sharing: classic roundtrip carsharing, one-way carsharing, and peer-to-peer carsharing.
Moderator: Gabriel Metcalf, Executive Director, SPUR
Speakers: Alex Benn, Chief Operating Officer, RelayRides
Ryan Johnson, Assistant Vice President, Enterprise CarShare
William Knapp, Chief Operating Officer, car2go
Kevin McLaughlin, President & Founder, AutoShare 
Bikesharing Operational & Policy Challenges
Meeting Room: Jackson
From social equity to bike rebalancing to launching a new system, solutions for policy and operational challenges range widely between bikesharing programs. This session includes a brief overview of the bikesharing industry in North America followed by a discussion of policy and operational challenges and solutions with central figures from the industry.
Moderator: Matt Christensen, Managing Editor,
Speakers: Alison Cohen, Director of Bike Sharing Services, Toole Design Group
Bill Dossett, Executive Director, NiceRide MN
Claire Hurley, Field Operations Manager, B-cycle
Kansas Waugh, Project Director, Bay Area Bike Share
Ridesharing / Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)
Meeting Room: Mason I/II
This session features industry updates from key leaders in the major categories of ridesharing and transportation network companies including: real-time ridesharing, TNCs, shuttle services, and long-distance carpooling.
Moderator: Larry Filler, President, LF Consulting & Ridesharing Institute
Speakers: Odile Beniflah, Senior Product Manager,
Richard Bryce, Executive Vice President, Carma
David King, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Columbia University 
John Zimmer, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Lyft
Anna Walters, Transportation Specialist, Google
11:45 – 12:30
Lunch Talk
Grand Ballroom
Introductory Remarks: Colin Hughes, Director of National Policy & Project Evaluation, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
Speaker: Mia Birk, President, Alta Planning + Design
Portland native, author, and cycling/bikesharing “guru,” Mia Birk, will share her thoughts on bikesharing and the role that this innovative mode plays in cities and future mobility.
12:30 – 1:45 Parallel Sessions
Shared-Use Mobility Sector Breakouts
The purpose of the sector breakout sessions is to encourage discussions among like operators and stakeholders, particularly around regulatory barriers, opportunities, and bikesharing technology.
Carsharing and Personal Vehicle Sharing: Encouraging Policy and Multi-Modal Collaboration
Meeting Room: Grand Ballroom
This breakout session features leaders from the major sectors of carsharing and personal vehicle sharing including: classic roundtrip carsharing, one-way carsharing, and peer-to-peer carsharing. Each speaker will share his/her views on the role of public policy and multi-modal collaboration in promoting vehicle sharing.
Moderator: Alan Woodland, Executive Director, The CarSharing Association
Speakers: Jennifer Dotson, Executive Director, Ithaca CarShare
Mark Norman, President, Zipcar
Rich Steinberg, CEO, DriveNow USA
Karen Worminghouse, Director, eGo CarShare
Sam Zaid, Founder & CEO, Getaround
Bikesharing Equipment and Technology: The Next Steps
Meeting Room: Jackson
Finding the right tool for the job is integral to bikesharing program success. This panel examines the latest in bikesharing technology and what might be next in terms of fare integration, reciprocity among programs, and other issues and opportunities.
Moderator: Mitch Vars, I.T. Director, NiceRide Minnesota
Speakers: Gian-Carlo Crivello, Business Development Director, Public Bike System Company
Lee Jones, Director of Sales, B-cycle
Dedrick Roper, Electric Bikeshare Project Manager, City CarShare
Ryan Rzepecki, CEO, Social Bicycles
Ridesharing / Transportation Network Companies: Encouraging Policy and Multi-Modal Collaboration
Meeting Room: Mason I/II
This session highlights the role of policy and multi-modal collaboration in ridesharing and for transportation network companies. Leaders in this sector will outline key issues. Sectors representatives include vanpools, long-distance ridesharing, private shuttles, and a transportation network company.
Moderator: Eric Schreffler, Founder and CEO, ESTC
Speakers: Nathalie Criou, CEO, RidePal
Ryan Johnson, Assistant Vice President, Zimride
Jon Martz, Vice President, V-Ride
Carli Paine, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Project Manager, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Sunil Paul, Founder and CEO, Sidecar
1:45 – 1:55
Reconvene in Grand Ballroom
1:55 – 2:25 Plenary Session
Industry Breakout: Report Back
Grand Ballroom
During this plenary session, thought leaders in carsharing, bikesharing, and ridesharing/transportation network companies report back on highlights from the breakout discussions.
Moderator: Dave Brook, Carsharing Consultant
Speakers: Michael Jones, CEO, Alta Planning + Design
Melissa McMahon, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Field Coordinator, Arlington County Commuter Services
Jason Pavluchuk, President, Pavluchuk & Associates
2:25 – 2:35
Reconvene in Breakout Rooms
2:35 – 3:35 Parallel Sessions
Afternoon Pick-Your-Segment
Insuring Shared-Use Mobility Services
Meeting Room: Grand Ballroom
This session examines past and present challenges to insuring shared-use mobility systems. It discusses the types of insurance recommended for shared-use services, shared-use actuarial data, and common methods for determining premiums. The discussion also includes recommended strategies for overcoming insurance obstacles.
Moderator: Guy Fraker, Co-Founder, get2kno
Speakers: Carol Csanda, Director of Strategic Resources, State Farm Insurance
Kevin McLaughlin, President, AutoShare
Scott Nelson, CEO, Mile Auto Insurance
Chris Shultz, Deputy Commissioner, California Department of Insurance
Jeffrey Ulmer, Sr. Vice President, RT Specialty
Education, Outreach, and Public Engagement
Meeting Room: Mason I/II
This panel discusses mechanisms for improving education and outreach with stakeholders, governments, and the public. This session also features recommended communication and marketing strategies for shared-use mobility programs including social media strategies.
Moderator: John Williams, President – Founder, Scoville PR
Speakers: Wendy Duren, Program Director, Arlington Transportation Partners
Rick Hutchinson, CEO, City CarShare
Barbara Laurenson, Program Coordinator, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) for San Francisco Bay Area
Creighton Randall, Executive Director, Buffalo CarShare
Caroline Samponaro, Senior Director of Campaigns and Organizing, Transportation Alternatives
Bikesharing:  Funding 2.0
Meeting Room: Jackson
Funding mechanisms for bikesharing are evolving and becoming more numerous; however, funding acquisition is still a formidable task. This panel examines the different ways bikesharing programs are identifying funding for capital investment in equipment, operations, and expansion.
Moderator and speaker: Tyler Frisbee, Legislative Assistant, Office of Congressman Blumenauer
Speakers: Matt Sandstrom, Mobility Division Manager and Detroit Area Clean Cities Coordinator, Clean Energy Coalition
Karen Schkolnick, Air Quality Program Manager, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Josh Squire, CEO, CycleHop
Ridesharing Institute Breakout Discussion
Meeting Room: Sansome
This session will be a facilitated discussion to examine the opportunities and obstacles to doubling ridesharing within the decade.
Moderator: Larry Filler, President, LF Consulting & Ridesharing Institute
3:35 – 3:45
Reconvene in Grand Ballroom
3:45 – 5:00 Plenary Session
The Future of Shared-Use Mobility
Grand Ballroom
This final plenary session includes highlights from the summit and considers the future of shared-use mobility, multi-modal integration, and potential impacts on transportation planning and policy, as well as brief closing summit remarks.
Moderator: Dan Sturges, Transport Designer & Visionary
Speakers: Ann Flemer, Deputy Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) for San Francisco Bay Area
Craig Scott, Product Planning Manager, Toyota
Peter Torrellas, Chief Technology Officer, Siemens
Geoff Wardle, Director of Advanced Mobility Research, Art Center College of Design