You wake up one morning and see chaos before you. Your neighbors are panicking and skipping town ASAP. You turn on the television and learn that zombies have invaded the world. Now fast forward one month later. You’re surprised at how you even made it out alive. But zombies are still roaming the earth and are creeping out from every corner. You need food. You need supplies. And your car just broke down. You’re tired and hungry, and the next convenience store to raid is a few miles away. Oh ya– not to mention that you still need to escape the hoard of zombies approaching from behind. What do you do?

Grab a bike share bicycle, stat! Here are the 8 reasons why you should use bike share to evade zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

  1. Gasoline not required. The bikes are human-powered and you won’t run the risk of ending up stranded in the middle of nowhere because you ran out of fuel.
  2. Stealth. Zombies respond to sound. Bikes do not have a loud engine like an old car, and they are certainly not as loud as a Harley Davidson that can be heard from miles away (ahem, we’re talking about you, Daryl Dixon).
  3. You know where to find them. Bike share stations are scattered everywhere in a city. And most likely you will know where they are located–usually near transit stops, high-density housing, city destinations, etc.
  4. You get to wear a helmet. Thus, harder for zombies to feast on your brains.
  5. Makes shortcuts and tight alleyways a breeze. You’re too slow to run on foot and the car is too big to go through shortcuts and alleyways. Grab a bike share bicycle and ride on through.
  6. Use weapons while on the bike. With one hand on the handle bar and the other hand fully armed, you can use weapons to fight off zombies as you cycle on by.
  7. Use the actual bike as a weapon. These hefty bikes weigh in at around 42 lbs–enough weight to do some heavy damage if you throw one at a zombie. Chances are, the bike would stay intact since it is built with a sturdy frame. So, after you crush the zombie, you can pick it back up and ride off safely.
  8. Not likely to get a flat tire. Bike share bicycle tires are puncture-resistant and usually filled with nitrogen to help them stay inflated, so you can keep on riding and surviving.

*Disclaimer: Bike share stations normally run on solar power and will still work post-apocalypse. Hopefully you remembered to renew your membership!


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