Ever wonder how much time it takes to ride from one Capital Bikeshare station to the next? Now you can find out using a simple online tool. Zach Rausnitz, editor of Fierce Government, developed the Bike Share Trip Timer. Only available for Capital Bikeshare, this tool calculates the average trip time between two bike share stations.

I took a few minutes to play around with this new tool. I randomly selected my start station at 10th & E St NW, and the end station at 7th St & F St NW/National Portrait Gallery–it appears to be a popular trip. The interface of the tool is clean with a google map showing the location of the two stations and a short summary above it that tells us the average time, as well as the number of trips members have taken between these two stations. The tool draws data from the first six months of 2013, and excludes trips by non-members.

To read more about how the tool and how Rausnitz came up with this tool, click here.