Bike & Go is UK’s latest bicycle hiring scheme that launched in August 2013. The system is integrated with UK’s public transit with bike stations located conveniently next to train stations. These sleek and practical-looking bikes can be found in 16 stations located in North West and Merseyside, Anglia and the South East. The system also plans to expand with 50 stations across the UK in the near future.

But this system is different from most conventional bike share programs because, well, it’s not traditional bike share. It is more attune with bike rentals than bike share because you have to return the bike at the station you checked it out from and the rental durations are far longer than what would qualify as bike share. But that does have some advantages. Users can use the bike for a single period of up to 72 hours and only be charged £3.80 for every 24-hour hire period. And the bicycles are equipped with some unique features that you don’t see in most bike share programs:

  • Two Integral Locks – an Axa Defender wheel lock and a cable that is permanently attached to the bike frame so you can park and lock your bike anywhere without having to find an open dock station nearby. View the demonstration video here.
  • Front and Rear Luggage Carrier – the carriers come with fitted straps and net so you can carry more personal belongings on your bike safely and securely.
  • 7 Gears – provides you the freedom to ride the bike up any hill you want. (The US saw its first seven gear bikes just last month in San Francisco.)

For more information about how the system works, watch the video below.

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    just felt like declaring war on the venerable station taxi, eh?