Earlier this summer, a young couple made local headlines in New York with their adventure of stopping at all of Manhattan’s 118 subway stops and snapped selfies to prove it.  But Paul Wasneski in Washington D.C. did one better–or should I say 127 better? He went to all 245 Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) stations on bike and also has a set of photos to prove it.

Wasneski, a Navy Yard resident and Department of Defense employee, went on a 3-day weekend mission to visit all CaBi Bikeshare stations as a way to explore new neighborhoods and take architectural photos. To put into perspective of what his bike ride journey looked like, check out the Capital Bikeshare Station Map above.

And when asked what he plans to do next, he wants to explore the Citi Bike program in New York. As of now, there are currently 330 docking stations in Manhattan and in some parts of Brooklyn. Sounds ambitious, but we believe in you, Paul!

Read more about his Capital Bikeshare experience here.