Sharing resources is a big part of bikesharing. So, instead of going at it alone, has teamed up with Susan Shaheen and her team at UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC) to host the first-ever Shared-Use Mobility Summit. The Summit will be located at San Francisco’s Hilton in the Financial District on October 10th and 11th, 2013.

We’ve been working hard with TSRC to make sure that bikeshare is well represented and that the industry’s most important issues and topics are covered. But we can’t have a successful event without you. So join the industry’s leading professionals and register now before rates go up on August 16th!

Here’s some more information about the Summit:

The Shared-Use Mobility Summit is a two-day event facilitating a lively dialogue among mobility providers, policymakers, governmental agencies, non-profits, affiliated industries, technologists, academics, media and stakeholders on the current state of the practice, opportunities, and obstacles to market expansion.

This event will include panel discussions and presentations by the world’s experts in the fields of bikesharing, carsharing, ridesharing, and related sharing economy companies, representatives from regulatory and planning agencies, and allied industries to discuss issues pertaining to each of these fields, as well as shared-use mobility system integration. As shared-use mobility services have been growing in size and popularity since the late-1990s, long-standing leaders in the field will present the impacts of shared-use mobility systems, best practices, and identify key strategies for increasing shared-use mobility expansion. The goal of the multi-sector summit is to help shape the agenda for next steps, education/outreach, industry-wide collaboration, policy development, and future research.

Again, to register for the conference, go here. And do it soon because rates go up on August 16th!