Bicyclists generally have enough people harping about how and where to ride in cities. But they don’t have enough people harping with fun GIFs (pronounced “jifs“). So illustrator Nathan Pyle has obliged them with a series of thirteen animations he created for New York Magazine to promote his new book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette.

Some bicyclists don’t like to be told how to ride. But Pyle’s animations are hypnotic, so his advice is easy to heed. While he does focus on New York City, a lot of bike share programs have just launched with a lot of new riders on the road. So who’s to say Salt Lake City residents don’t also need a road primer and advice guide that doesn’t suck?

Take a look at all thirteen GIFs.

I will now stop writing and go get a breeze-flapping scarf because the GIF told me to.