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Welcome to the Re-Dock — a weekly compendium of bike sharing news happening in places throughout the world. The Re-Dock stations you squarely at the center of the industry news that you want to know. This issue of the Re-Dock covers bike sharing news from June 23 through June 29.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

City leaders announced that in July a feasibility study would be conducted for a bike sharing program. Given the breadth of places with bike share programs, we’re certain we have the answer to the study: yes, it’s feasible.

CHICAGO, Illinois

Divvy launched with 65 stations and 750 bikes on Friday. The program is expected to expand to 4,000 bikes and 400 stations over the next year.


Fort Worth B-cycle announced that it’s adding three new stations over the next two weeks with three to five more in the next few months.

LOS ANGELES, California

The rest of the media finally caught up to our reporting on the main issue surrounding bike share in Los Angeles.

NEW YORK, New York

Citi Bike’s dock and bike availability is shown in a heat map.

While wealthier residents and stakeholders succeed at getting city officials to move new stations away from them, IMBYism abounds in New York where Citi Bike stations are absent. Additionally, overall support of Citi Bike seems to be high.

More television “stars” ride bike share in New York like it’s the only place where they could do it.

And a list of some New York City hotels that offer free bikes to their guests.

MILWAUKEE, Wisconson

Brew City’s first bike share demonstration station opens today (with pictures).


As a part of a planned expansion of the Capital Bikeshare system into Mongomery Couthy, Maryland, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation held a series of meetings last week to introduce residents to the program.


Leading up to the launch of the Bay Area Bike Share program in August, the program operators just launched their online presence.

SEATTLE, Washington

While the rest of Seattle waits for the Puget Sound Bike Share program to launch next year, bike bag retailer Timbuk2 started letting store patrons check out bikes  for free last Thursday in a bike share-style program in celebration of the store’s grand opening.

STOKES-ON-TRENT, United Kingdom

The bike share program in this town got some funding to expand the program to support “disabled” visitors to the city. Visitors will have access to eleven specially-designed bikes as a part of the system.


Research conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine finds that even short bike commutes can have significant health benefits.


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