Welcome to the first-ever Re-Dock — a weekly compendium of bike sharing news happening in places throughout the world. Like the satisfying completion of a long bike-share journey, the Re-Dock highlights the industry news that you may have missed on your wild ride. This issue of the Re-Dock covers bike sharing news from May 26 through June 1.

ASPEN, Colorado

Thirteen WE-cycle bike share stations were placed throughout the mountain resort town over the weekend in anticipation of the launch on Wednesday.

A WE-cycle bike and station featuring equipment provided by Bixi/PBSC. Courtesy of we-cycle.org

A WE-cycle bike and station featuring equipment provided by Bixi/PBSC. Courtesy of we-cycle.org

ATLANTA, Georgia

The City of Atlanta, noted as one of the most congested cities in the US, has issued an RFP for equipment and operations for a bike share program.

CHICAGO, Illinois

Registration for Divvy, Chicago’s bike share system, opened on Wednesday. The Chicago Department of Transportation posted a sneak peek at their proposed station location map.  As a part of the Bike the Drive post-ride festival in Grand Park on Sunday, Chicagoans got a chance to test-ride the bikes as well.

And Bike Chicago, a rival bidder to Alta Bicycle on Chicago’s bike sharing system, has dropped its conflict-of-interest challenge to the city’s contract with Alta, smoothing out one more bump before the launch of the program this summer.


Dayton, Ohio has taken the first steps to getting bike share, and a feasibility study conducted by a non-profit was released on Friday.

EL PASO, Texas

El Paso has put together initial funding for a small-scale bike share program.


Those looking to buy or rent property around Miami Beach and just north into Broward County can now search for property based on proximity to the nearest bike share station.


Nice Ride Minnesota announced that it was adding 24 new stations by June 1 to their now 146-station, 1,550-bike system in Minneapolis. On Thursday, they hosted a kick-off ride to celebrate the expansion.


New York City’s bike sharing program, Citi Bike, opened on Memorial Day to founding members who bought an annual pass. Only a week old, the system already has about 25,000 annual members, over 40,000 trips, and over 120,000 total miles logged. With 12 million New Yorkers to draw from, the system is currently the largest in the U.S. But the first week was not without bumps. A cyclist has already been hit by an SUV when the rider entered the motorist’s right-of-way. On Sunday, one of the bikes was stolen by a thief who said it was an accident, and another bike was stolen on purpose on Thursday. And some founding members did not receive their key fobs, which gives them access to the bikes, by the time the program launched but were able to pick up another one or get it hand-delivered.

Then in a “showdown” with a taxi, the subway, and a share bike to see which transportation mode can get to its destination the quickest, bike share won.

Meanwhile scattered protests about the bike share system got artsy.


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency announced potential bike share stations for the program, which is scheduled to launch in August. On Thursday, SFMTA hosted an open house along with program operator Alta Bicycle to hold a conversation with the public about the bike sharing program.

SUNDERLAND, United Kingdom

The University of Sunderland launched its bike share program on Tuesday.

TORONTO, Ontario

Another city councillor came out in support of keeping and expanding Bixi Toronto.  And the Toronto Transit Commission is looking into taking over the system.


Former employees of Capital Bikeshare are petitioning Capital Bikeshare’s parent company, Alta Bicycle Share, to pay wages and benefits that the employees claim were withheld.

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