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Welcome to the Re-Dock — a weekly compendium of bike sharing news happening in places throughout the world. The Re-Dock stations you squarely at the center of the industry news that you want to know. This issue of the Re-Dock covers bike sharing news from June 16 through June 22.


On June 20th, Austin’s City Council approved a contract with B-cycle to purchase the equipment needed to operate a bike share system in Austin.

CHICAGO, Illinois

Just as Chicagoans are getting used to the name “Divvy” for their bike sharing program set to launch next week, they may have to get ready for a new name. The city has contracted with outdoor advertising company Van Wagner to find sponsors for the program, which could include naming rights.

DENVER, Colorado

To celebrate it’s 29-station expansion, Denver B-cycle announced that the system will be free to use on Bike-to-Work Day on Wednesday, June 26.


Even way up north, bike sharing happens. Fairbanks’ new program launched on Friday.


The City Council approved building the city’s first bike lanes which will connect B-cycle stations within the city.

LANSING, Michigan

A2B, a bike share equipment supplier started out of the University of Michigan by two students, will be launching a pilot program in the city of Lansing come August. It will be the first bike share program in the state.

LOS ANGELES, California

Bike Nation, the company contracted to operate upcoming programs throughout southern California, including Los Angeles, Long Beach and Fullerton, gave more detail last week about when these systems will launch. According to Derek Fretheim, Bike Nation Chief Operating Officer, Fullerton is scheduled to launch this summer, Long Beach in early 2014, and Los Angeles as late as next June.

Fretheim will be live chatting with the San Bernardino Sun on Monday at noon, PDT.

MILWAUKEE, Wisconson

The city’s Public Works Committee approved funding to help launch a pilot program.

NEW YORK, New York

Since its launch, over 100,000 people have used Citi Bike and, collectively, they have travelled over one million miles.

Citi Bike may be expanding into Queens to fill the public transportation hole that will result from Hurricane Sandy-related repairs shutting down a subway line.

Psychedelic helmets guide users to Citi Bike stations. No, this is not a riddle.

 Casey Neistat, the guy behind the renown “Bike Lanes” video and others, made a new video comparing Citi Bike to other forms of transport. And he found it (not) to be a pain.

And Louis C.K. rode a Citi Bike. That’s newsworthy, right?

OTTOWA, Ontario

The six-station system just expanded into a new neighborhood.

OXFORD, United Kingdom

Grand Scheme Bike Share just launched a thirty-bike, seven-station system called Oxonbike in the Headington area of Oxford.

ROCHESTER, Minnesota

Nice Ride Minnesota received funding approval from their title sponsor to hire someone who will be responsible for conducting a feasibility study into expanding the system into Rochester. Nice Ride currently operated in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

SAN DIEGO, California

A city committee has approved a corporate partnership with the bike-sharing program DecoBike.


As demand for the city’s Youbike bike sharing system leads to an expansion of the system, city officials become challenged by the need for better bicycling infrastructure and education.


Alta released an official statement regarding the claim made by some former and current Capital Bikeshare employees that the bike share operator underpaid them based on Federal wage and benefit guidelines for bicycle technicians and bike rebalancers. And  the Department of Labor is now looking into it.


Velo-City finished up this week. Here’s a nice video wrap-up of the entire conference.


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