Citi Bike has seen its fair share of hiccups through its first three weeks–but as the program surpassed the quarter million trip mark over the weekend, many attitudes seem to have changed for the better. The NY Daily News, which has published a breadth of anti-Citi Bike material, deemed the program a success in a piece published on Sunday. And a cursory scanning of Citi Bike’s Facebook wall shows us that complaints have dropped considerably compared to last week when just about every other post defamed the Citi Bike name. The exact reason for this change of collective heart remains to be determined–is the system’s software working better or are people simply tired of complaining?

Adding to the recent wave of Citi Bike kudos is the short film below–facetiously titled, “CitiBikes are a Pain in the Ass”–made by the creator of wildly popular and telling Youtube film “Bike Lanes,” Casey Neistat. Neistat renders a subjective but seemingly honest comparison of the system to two other modes of transport–taxi and personal bike–by looking at cost, comfort, speed, and ease of use of each. Once he gets a hang of the system and its app, and understands the advantages of bike share compared to his personal bike, Neistat concludes that NYC’s new bike share program may actually be the best way for him to get around the city.

Editor’s Note: When we originally posted this video, there was speculation that Neistat was commissioned by Citi Bike to do the film based on the fact that he is a professional filmmaker and gets paid by companies to make ads that don’t look like ads similar to the video above. He has, however, since updated the film’s description to debunk any professional connection between him and Citi Bike.