Anyone who has internet access can now view the real-time combined usage of nearly 100 of the world’s bike share programs. Oliver O’Brien has combined his individual program maps into one global map displaying overall bike share bike usage. While the map only includes about twenty percent of the world’s programs, it still gives a valuable window into the daily phenomenon of bike share use.

Previously, using data made available to the public by each program, Oliver O’Brien created a usage map for each program. O’Brien’s maps allow viewers to zoom in and see how frequently stations are being used in terms of how many bikes are leaving stations and how many bikes are coming to stations. It has proven to be a valuable tool to program operators and bike share enthusiasts alike. According to Capital Bikeshare Director Eric Gilliland, rebalancers for Gilliland’s program use O’Brien’s map all the time.

At the moment, about 20% of the world’s bike share bikes are in use–Paris has the most bikes out of any system and Rio de Janeiro has the highest percentage of bikes out–and the fact that we known that is very cool. Click on the image below to go to the map.

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 9.27.29 AM