20110504infinitebixisUnbeknownst to most, the City of Toronto issued a Request for Information for the operation of its Bixi Toronto program on May 13th. The issuance comes amidst a plethora of controversy surrounding Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, and the program itself.

The procurement of the program’s equipment was originally funded through a $4.5 million loan from the City of Toronto. However, the program has operated at a loss and has had difficulty paying back the loan, which has prompted the city look at other ways of handling the system.

One suggestion was that the City of Toronto take over the program and, while the majority of Toronto residents support the takeover, Mayor Ford is strongly opposed. Another option was to sell the program for parts. And the third option, which the city seems to be tentatively pursuing, is issuing a request for information for bike share program operation in hopes to find a more suitable operator.

The RFI will close on June 4th and can be found here.