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A fully stocked CaBi dock near Union Station. Courtesy of Matt Christensen.

Capital Bikeshare released two major reports today: the results of a membership survey and an analysis of the health impacts of the program. We attended this morning’s webinar featuring a presentation of the findings by Lori Diggins, Principal at LDA Consulting, and a discussion involving the Capital Bikeshare management team.

Among other things, the researchers found that Capital Bikeshare helps people save money, reduces the number of trips that would have otherwise been taken by automobile or taxi, people who use it exercise more, and it enables individuals to take trips that they wouldn’t have without Capital Bikeshare. This means more money going into local business and a healthier community. Here are a few numbers we thought were particularly interesting:

Compared to pre-Capital Bikeshare, CaBi members…

  • reduce the area’s driving miles by 4.4 million per year (that’s 198 miles per member);
  • save $17.7 million per year in transportation costs (or $800 per member);

And, of the survey respondents…

  • 40% made trips that they otherwise wouldn’t have;
  • 50% reduced their automobile use;
  • younger members use CaBi to save money while older members use it for exercise;
  • only 12% of members drive alone to work, well below the regional average of 65%;
  • 31.5 % report reduced stress; and
  • 5% reduced household vehicles.

The vast majority of respondents cited “getting around easily, faster, shorter” as the reason for using the system, which was echoed by one member of the Capital Bikeshare  management team who put simply, “Capital Bikeshare helps the area work more efficiently.”

The reports are available for download here.