This morning, Matt Flegenheimer from The New York Times published an article titled “Complaints Rise as Bike Share Program Nears.” (Update: the title has been changed to “Bike Sharing? Sure. The racks? No way.”) The article outlines a series of (you guessed it) complaints about the installed bike share stations. From collecting animal waste to taking up precious parking spaces, the arguments aren’t new or more compelling than they were last week–nor does it seem as though the complaints are, in fact, rising. However, while the article doesn’t add much to the conversation, the video attached to the article, seen below, gives viewers a good idea of what the stations look like on the ground, in addition to providing a summary of the criticisms. And it even features the occasional pro-Citi Biker–because, let’s not forget, over 8,000 people have already signed up for a $95 annual membership.