Two Citi Bikers look for the closest station to leave their bikes. Courtesy of Michael Sutton-Long.

As of yesterday, New York City has bike share. The program launched on Memorial Day with about 330 active stations and nearly 6,000 bikes. On the first day alone the bikes were used over 6,000 times and travelled over 13,000 miles. And today it was faced with its first real test: getting people to and from work.

By taking a look at the Citi Bike app, we can see that very few stations have zero available bikes or zero available docks. The vast majority of stations have some bikes and some open docks, which spells good news for most commuters. There are, of course, exceptions. The Hudson Square station filled up relatively early and has remained almost full for most of the morning. The photo above shows two Citi Bikers searching for a spot for their forty-five pound bikes at the station.

Rebalancing of bikes is a daily issue with any bike share program. The system cannot be expected to run perfectly–especially on its first commuter day of operation. Even with the handful of stations fully vacant or occupied, the majority of New York’s stations currently look like the photos below.



State & Smith Station on Tuesday’s morning commute. Courtesy of Michael Sutton-Long.

Barrow & Hudson

Barrow & Hudson Station. Courtesy of Michael Sutton-Long.