A sight that many New Yorkers thought they may never see is before their eyes. Over the weekend, a handful of brand new Citi Bike stations were installed, reports Doug Gordon of Brooklyn Spoke. The program, which will surpass Capital Bikeshare as the the biggest in the United States when it launches with nearly 300 stations and 5,500 bikes, will be operated by Alta Bicycle Share.


A Citi Bike station is examined by a curious New Yorker. Photo courtesy of Doug Gordon.

At first glance, the stations look well equipped to meet the demands of Citi Bike users. With Citi Bike branding and a tall solar tube,  stations are easily visible and station way-finding resources are extensive. Each station features a map that clearly denotes where the user is currently located, written on the map as “YOU”, which is in encircled in a 5-minute ride radius (see picture below). The stations also go through a detailed step-by-step rental process and includes some bike safety tips.


A close-up of the way-finding resources on each Citi Bike station. Photo courtesy of Doug Gordon.

With only a few stations on the ground, the program still has a lot of work to do to get its 293 planned stations installed before its May launch date.