The City of Toronto fears that its Bixi program may be facing financial issues and, in a document made public Tuesday, the city said it may “restructure” its contract with PBSC, reports the Montreal Gazette.

Bixi Toronto was launched in May 2011. By now, the program was supposed to have expanded to 3,000 bikes but it has been stagnate at 1,000 because of an inability to grow membership. Its current membership is just under 5,000–less than what Citi Bike obtained in two days.

In an attempt to gain membership, Bixi recently made available a new membership for its users which allows them to purchase a key fob for five dollars, then spend five dollars for every 24 hour period.

PBSC’s chief executive, Michel Philibert, said he is unclear as to what action they will take with the Toronto program, however, he doesn’t “want to close Bixi Toronto.”

Bixi’s fate remains unsteady as the company finishes off the sale of its international arm and its domestic operations are likely going to be taken over by Montreal’s transportation authority.