The year of the snake? Nope. It’s the year of the bike share.

In 2013, North America will likely see the addition of eighteen new bike share programs, growing approximately 50 percent from 2012. This will bump the total number of bike share programs on the continent to 53. Click the map to the right to see a full-sized PDF version.

In addition to the programs listed on the map, three other programs have launched since January 1st, 2013–Houston B-cycle, Greenville B-cycle, and Bike Nation Anaheim.

The programs going live next are the Green Bikes in Salt Lake City, set for April 8th, and Fort Worth B-cycle, which is expected to launch on April 22nd.

Bike Nation has its work cut out for itself as it starts three large-scale programs in southern California, bringing their total operations to four programs. And they’re expected to launch each of them this spring.

Of the sixteen programs on the map, Alta Bicycle Share is expected to launch five and B-cycle is supplying the equipment for four and operating one program. Four other programs will be operated by local non-profits–SLC Bike Share, Clean Energy Coalition, Bike Share of Austin, and We-Cycle–while CycleHop will be operating one program, and DecoBike will be trying its hand on the west coast for the first time in San Diego.

The handful of cities slated for launch in 2014 include Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Portland, and Seattle, while Ann Arbor is likely to join them, however, it has not been made official. There is also speculation that Vancouver will push their launch to 2014 as the city’s helmet law proves to be a barrier to its launch.

Other cities of note include Baltimore, which is making a significant push for bike share, Orlando, and Miami, which will be getting 50 stations and 500 bikes as part of an expansion of the DecoBike Miami Beach program.

  • PhoenixSpokesPeople

    Phoenix is planning to have one by the end of the year. We’re excited about this!

    • Matthew Christensen

      Yup, Phoenix is on the map!

  • Brad Sloan

    Hey Matt where did you get the info on Austin starting up bike sharing in October? From news reports and from City Hall it was suppose to be late spring or summer.

    • Matthew Christensen

      Thanks for your interest, Brad! We contacted someone at Bike Share of Austin. Latest we heard, it may not launch until fall but the actual date has yet to be determined.

  • J L

    MDOT is requesting $882,000 for a 44 station and 425 bicycles in Baltimore. It will be an extension of the Capital Bikeshare system that is expanding tinto VA and MD. Article discusses the need for supporting bicycle infrastructure in Charm City

  • Mike Prats

    think there is a privately run bike share business which started maybe a month ago in new orleans

    • Matthew Christensen

      Interesting, Mike! I know that New Orleans received a grant from the EPA back in February to look at the feasibility of a bike share program but I’m unaware of the privately run bike share program you speak of. would love to know more if you can find any more info on it! Thanks!

  • Rodolfo Orlando Duriez

    Ca, Ca, Ca, Ca, CA!

    Awesome. Though car culture still prevails in California, I’m glad cities are forging ahead towards a less car dependent future. :) (it’s going to be amazing being a young person in this state 30 years from now when the public transportation in L.A. is much more extensive, and you can take a 2 hour ride from L.A. to S.F. for a day trip!)