A screenshot of the "Draft Citi Bike Station Map"

A screenshot of the “Draft Citi Bike Station Map”

New York, NY. After months of allowing New Yorkers (and anyone who had access to the internet) to propose bike share station locations, Citi Bike has unveiled the “Draft Citi Bike Station Map” featuring 293 stations soon to be installed. The initial launch was expected to take place last summer with over 400 stations but software issues and Hurricane Sandy, which claimed several Citi Bike stations being held in storage, said otherwise. It is expected that the system will be functioning sometime during May.

Despite the reduction in expected stations at their launch, the Citi Bike system will still be the largest system in the United States both in terms of bikes and stations, and second only to Montreal in North America. Eventually, Citi Bike is expected to grow to close to 10,000 bikes, surpassing its equipment counterpart in Montreal and becoming the biggest bike share system on the continent.

As shown in the image to the right, the initial rollout concentrates stations in Lower Manhattan and west Brooklyn. We expect stations to begin to appear throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn with the additional phases of development.

With a fresh team of bike share program managers and staff, it will be interesting to see how the first few weeks of Citi Bike’s operations go–and, perhaps more interesting will be how New Yorkers take to the system.