Fresh bike share design ideas apparently abound. Bicycle Design and ISUDA Bike Share of Singapore hosted a competition earlier this month to find a bike design that fits with Singapore’s mobile bike share stations.

The designs ran the gamut from absurd to utilitarian. Some contestants designed bikes; others designed stations. The contest generated thirteen submissions, some designs more bike-share-friendly than others. For example, three of the designs have high, horizontal top tubes–a bike share bike sacrilege. One of them has a tank-like wheel/chain mash-up that looks cumbersome and breakable. And none of them have functional storage space. But all of the designs are commendable. Here are our favorites:


“The Roda” was the winning design for the ISUDA portable bike share design competition.

You can view more designs here.

Of the eleven final competing designs, five of them were some kind of folding bike and, coincidentally, a folding bike will be awarded to the contest’s winner as the grand prize. The winner may never see their design in ISUDA’s final production, but if it is used, the winner will also receive a production model of their bike design—a nice bonus.

Voting closed today, and readers weighed in with their votes for their favorites. Which one would you vote for? Did the best design win?

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