Industrial designer and inventor Philippe Starck has taken stabs at designing everything from submarines to rocket ships. For his latest project, the innovative artist has returned to solid ground with his interpretation of a bike share bike deemed “The Pibal.”

To be friendly to long-skirt-wearers, virtually all bike share bikes have a single down tube that connects the front of the bike to the rear. Starck’s design goes a step further and turns the down tube into a platform so that riders can repurpose their bikes into pedestrian-friendly scooters in an instant. The bike is being described by Starck as “…an answer to new urban ergonomics, thanks to a lateral translation which allows oneself to pedal long distances, to scoot in pedestrian areas and to walk next to it, carrying a child or any load on its platform.”

Likely only by coincidence, the design does bear a resemblance to viaCycle’s bikes–and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the Atlanta-based company’s next generation of bikes take the form of a hybrid scooter-cycle. In the meantime, Peugeot is manufacturing 3,000 Pibals to be deployed in an existing bike share system in Bordeaux, France, which already has a prolific network of bike share stations.

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