Luud Schimmelpennink, managing director of the Ytech Innovation Center in Amsterdam, is an industrial designer with a life long passion for sustainable transit. Luud introduced the first community bike share program in the 1960’s. The program was known as the “White Bike Scheme.”

Bike share has come a long way since the 60’s and today we pay tribute to the father of bike share, Ludd Schimmelpennink, who inspired many with his positive thinking and innovative approch to solving urban transportation issues.

In his own words:

“The Witte Fietsenplan (White Bike Scheme) was developed in Amsterdam in the 1960s as an effort to curb a growing consumer culture by reducing the City’s dependence on cars and improving public transport. The white bikes could be used by anyone free of charge and worked supplementary with public transport. In 1965, a number of white bikes were put out in the streets but, having no locks, they were either vandalized, confiscated by the police, or appropriated for personal use.”

Since then, technology has improved and today millions of people in over 500 cities across the globe use bike share to get around.

Thanks, Luud!

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    Long live Luud!